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Tulsa Wrongful Arrest Attorneys

Wrongful arrest is the most common charge an alleged victim brings against the police. People who claim they were arrested falsely base that claim on the assertion the police violated their Fourth Amendment right to protection against unreasonable seizure. The law says a person’s Fourth Amendment’s rights have not been violated if the police believed, at the time of the arrest, that it was defensible because:

• The officer had probable cause to believe the person had in fact committed a crime
• The arrest is reasonable

If the officer’s information at the time of arrest is inaccurate, but the police officer had probable cause to believe it, the officer cannot be sued for wrongful arrest. For someone to win a claim of wrongful arrest, he or she must show the officer did not have probable cause.

It is important to seek an opinion regarding your specific facts and circumstances of your case from an experienced Tulsa civil rights lawyer familiar with wrongful arrest claims. These cases are complicated and can be difficult to prove, especially since they are being brought against police officers. To speak with an experienced attorney who represents individuals in Tulsa and throughout the state of Oklahoma in claims involving wrongful arrest violations, call us at (918)592-1144 or contact us online here. We will evaluate your claim and provide you with an honest opinion whether our firm we can help you with your claim.