Divorce cases are first and foremost about the lives, relationships, and futures of the people involved. The decisions you make during this time will impact you and your children for years. It is important to be well-informed about your options during the divorce process. Because divorce creates significant disruption resulting in permanent changes, there are many questions you might have at the outset, such as:

  • How will we split up our property?
  • Will I be able to support myself?
  • How do I protect my relationship with my children?
  • Where will I live?
  • Where will my children live?
  • How do I prevent my spouse from moving our assets?

There are numerous issues to work out during a divorce. We believe that many couples can benefit from education and mediation as a way to resolve the problems they face. Our attorney, Ann Keele, is a skilled, experienced divorce attorney and mediator and understands how to guide spouses toward a positive resolution, whether through mediation or trial.

Our divorce attorneys can guide you through the process: determine goals, set realistic expectations, provide you with options, formulate a case strategy, negotiate from a position of strength, and ultimately be prepared to litigate if reasonable agreements cannot be reached.

Not every case can be successfully resolved through mediation or collaborative efforts. If your divorce cannot be resolved outside of court, we have the litigation experience to prepare your case for presentation to a judge, who can then make enlightened decisions based upon the facts that are important for your family following the divorce

Our Tulsa divorce attorneys are dedicated to supporting you through the challenges of the process with compassionate and aggressive representation. If you are in need of a legal opinion from a Tulsa Divorce Attorney, feel free to contact our office for a consultation.