Tulsa Family Law Mediation Attorney

There are many negative aspects to any family legal proceeding, delays, cost, and time, to name a few. One of the reasons for the time delay is the backlog of court dockets . Fortunately, there is a mediation process to assist the parties in coming to a resolution without the need for a hearing. Mediation, generally, is a negotiation to resolve disputes that is conducted by a neutral third party. Oklahoma does allow for family law mediations, and there are several potential benefits to pursuing a family law mediation. Mediation may allow the parties to settle the issues with their spouse in a shorter amount of time and to help keep things as civil as possible.

Below are some benefits to family law mediation:

• Generally, costs are much lower
• Control over the process: scheduling, decision making, problem solving.
• Less formal and thus, less stressful
• Generally, more satisfaction of the parties and faster settlements
• Disputants are empowered to make decisions
• Generally, better for continuing relationships
• Better for the children
• All issues can be addressed

If you have questions regarding divorce mediation in Tulsa, or any other type of family law mediation, call our office at (918) 592-1144 to speak with one of our family law attorneys. In addition to representing clients in mediation, our attorney, Ann Keele is a trained and experienced family law mediator.