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Monroe & Associates is a law firm based in Tulsa, and represents clients in state and federal courts throughout Oklahoma.  Under Stanley D. Monroe‘s direction, our Tulsa law firm has earned a reputation for staunch legal advocacy in a wide array of practice areas. Whether family law, criminal defense, appellate advocacy, or various forms of civil litigation—from complex civil rights cases to car wrecks—Monroe & Associates has the skill and expertise to effectively fight for you in court.

Monroe & Associates pursues each and every legal action with a commitment to three basic principles:

Individuals Matter - When you are up against a legal opponent with greater resources it’s not always a fair fight.  Our firm was founded to level the playing field.  Our attorneys are eager and willing to defend the interests of individuals against governments, corporations, and other powerful entities.

Integrity - Our firm believes that the practice of law is a privilege which should be respected and revered.  Professionalism is paramount in being an effective advocate, and accordingly, we strive to treat all persons with honesty, decency, and respect.

Communication - Sharing information is essential for a successful attorney-client relationship.  Not only is it vital for clients to keep us informed of changing circumstances, but also for us to keep the client informed as to the status of the case.  We stay in contact with our clients by utilizing letters, phone calls, and emails as appropriate

Criminal Defense

If you have been charged with a crime, there is no time to delay. Your freedom and future are on the line. Our Tulsa criminal defense attorneys provide a thorough and aggressive legal approach. We begin by listening to you and analyzing every detail of your case before developing a strategy. From the first moment you reach out to us for help, you are treated with respect. Because we believe that everyone deserves equal access to qualified legal counsel, we offer free consultations and have payment plans available. We will provide an honest and straightforward analysis of your case. This does not necessarily mean that we will tell you what you want to hear. What we will provide to you is an honest, professional opinion regarding your criminal case. Stanley Monroe has been representing Oklahomans charged in state and federal court for over 30 years. Mr. Monroe was named the 2011 Oklahoma Bar Criminal Defense Lawyer of the Year, is A/V rated by Martindale/Hubbell, and became a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers in 2010.

Civil Rights

The Constitution of the United States reflects our nation’s founding values – the limited power of government and the protection of individual freedom and liberty. Civil rights violations are often viewed as police misconduct and are prosecuted under the U.S. Code Section 1983. This section of the U.S. Code makes it illegal for a state or local government employee to deny someone of their civil rights-as those rights are defined by the Constitution, state, or federal laws. If an individual believes his/her rights have been violated can sue the alleged perpetrator in court under Section 1983. The alleged victim/plaintiff can sue local or state employees under this section. These civil rights violations often concern the illegal acts of the police. If you feel your civil rights have been violated, contact our Tulsa civil rights lawyers at (918)592-1144 or online here. We will evaluate your claim, at no cost to you, and provide you with an honest opinion whether our firm we can help you with your claim.

Personal Injury

Our firm represents individuals injured as a result of another’s negligence.  We also represent family members whose loved ones have died through negligence of third parties (known as wrongful death cases). Our experience allows us to recognize, understand, and address the important legal and emotional issues in these types of cases. We work aggressively to see that our clients receive all necessary and proper medical care, recover their lost wages, are reimbursed for property damage, and are fully and fairly compensated for pain and suffering damages. Our primary goal is to make our clients whole.  Our firm understands this from the outset and relishes the challenge. Nothing gratifies us more than having satisfied clients at the end of tough battles.  Our Tulsa personal injury attorneys will fight tirelessly on your behalf, and we don’t receive an attorney’s fee unless we recover on your behalf.

Family Law

Whether you are going through a divorce, or trying to resolve a conflict involving children, the attorney you choose can play a significant role in the outcome of your case.  You want an attorney who is dedicated to protecting your financial interests, parental rights, and manage your case effectively.  You want a family law attorney you feel you can trust to be your advocate.

We bring our personal and professional experience to the practice of family law, and will work with you to find the best solutions for your individual needs.  Our family law attorneys work closely with clients to understand the issues that matter most to their families.  As experienced negotiators and trial lawyers, our attorneys have helped numerous clients throughout Oklahoma protect their property rights, parental rights, and family security.

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